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Attractions in the neighbourhood

The peaceful humming of the sea, sandy beaches with golden sand as well as the friendly atmosphere offer space for peaceful and clam leisure and relaxation as well as for a successful holiday. The multitude of available attractions encourages to have fun and entertainment with friends as well as to enjoy the individual contact with the beautiful sights of the natural environment.

Krynia Morska is located 12 km from the external border of Poland. To give yourself to admire this corner of Poland head in the direction of Piaski. About 2 km from the location there is a landscape platform offering a beautiful view the so-called “The scarp”. The unquestionable advantage of Krynica is Wielbłądzi Garb – the highest hill on the Vistula sandbar (48,5 m. above sea level).

A few reserves are located in the area: Beech Reserve of the Vistula Sandbar (Rezerwat Buki Mierzei Wiślanej), Cormorant and Grey Heron Reserve (Rezerwat Kormoranów i Czapli Siwej) as well as Herring Gull Sandbank Reserve (Rezerwat Mewia Łacha).

Museums in the vicinity: Stutthof Museum (Państwowe Muzeum Sztutthof)

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