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Krynica Morska and the region of the Vistula Reservoir (Zalew Wiślany)

Not only amber, sea and sand dunes

1. In order to introduce a little bit of attraction to blissful, summer laziness it is worth to visit Sztutowo. This small village located at the beginning of Vistula Sandbar (Mierzeja Wiślana) hides interesting facts from the not so far as well as farther history. Both the younger as well as the older generations surely remember the legendary TV series under the title of "Czterej Pancerni i Pies". We propose the journey into the film reality of the 1960s: the bridge which “played"”the role in one of the episodes entitled “Daleki Patrol” (The Far Patrol), when the crew of the Rudy tank fought for a river beachhead. This drawbridge is currently a technical monument upon the river of Wisła Królewiecka, located between Sztutowo and Groszków. The great supplementation of film remembrances may be constituted by the cruise on a water jet hired from a rental located near the bridge.

2. The Mueum of the Nazi concentration camp of "Stutthof" in Sztutowo, is open from 7 to 15 hrs. on weekdays. Historical facts speak for themselves. What needs to be mentioned that more than 65 thousand people died in the camp, to a large extent constituted by Jewish women (at the edge of the camp there is a monument commemorating the death of 28 thousand Jewish women).

Krynica Morska – as if from a postcard

1. At the beginning we propose a light dose of physical exercise – a walk up the highest sandbank in Europe! The journey is long: 30 minutes is enough to get there, first walking along the road number 501 from Krynica in the direction of Piaski to get to the set of sandbanks known as the “Camel Hump” ("Wielbłądzi Garb") of the height amounting to 49,5 metres. A great view of the Baltic Sea and the Vitula reservoir (Zalew Wiślany) may be enjoyed from the top of the hill.

2. A Red Lantern (Czerwona latarnia morska) of the total height amounting to 26,5m is not as high as the Camel Hump but guarantees even farther and unobscured panorama of the Baltic Sea, The Vistula Reservoir, Frombork and even the Tricicty. The lantern is the younger sister of the originally constructed 1894 lantern which was destroyed by Nazi Germans in 1945.

In Ship through the reservoir in a ship through the meadows...

1. Not to visit the city of Frombork is as if not to admit that it was Mikołaj Kopernik "who stopped the Sun and moved the Earth". The Frombork Excursion will surely be facilitated by ships sailing out of Krynica or from Rybackie Kąty. A few hours of stay in the city shall be enough to get to know such attractions as the: planetarium, Mikołaj Kopernik Museum and the Cathedral Hill.

2. The supplementation of the journey “on water” (a separate all day long adventure) should be the cruise to the city of Elbląg. Having reached the destination a special cruise via the Ostródzko-Elbląski channel is a must see. This unique upon the worldwide scale “sailing” allows above all for wonderful moving through without water, over the surrounding meadows! The optimal (considering time restraints) choice is constituted by the shorter route: Elbląg - Buczyniec. Guaranteed unforgettable impressions from admiring historical and monumental water floodgates should be supplemented with “hunting” for extraordinary samples of birds, obviously done with a camera.

Family fun from the age of 5 until 105

1. Not far from the town of Jantar there is "Ostrich Apiary".
Literally, the place offers the possibility to pet an ostrich, buy a huge ostrich egg, admire the bee routine, try our delicious honeys and meads from the surrounding apiaries.
Address: Jantar, ul. Droga do Rybiny 1.

2. Visiting Indian village.
In great company of the writer Leszek Michalik and his wife Joanna Mazurek the Indian specialist we will be able to get to know the traditions and habits of North American Indians.
Address: Jantar. Open every day from 10 to 18 hrs.

3. An interesting exhibit of old fishing boats, presentation of the local culture a well as the rich collection of pictures from the lives of fishermen of the past is offered by the Museum of the Vistula Reservoir (Muzeum Zalewu Wiślanego) in Kąty Rybackie.
The attractive supplementation of the visit in the museum shall surely be constituted by the walk through the adjacent marina.

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